The Agenda is currently being developed and will cover topics such as

  • DIRECT INSIGHTS AND CASE STUDIES from the latest transport infrastructure projects in the region such as:
    •    Standard Gauge Project
    •    Dar es Salaam-Isaka-Kigali/Keza-Musongati (DIKKM) Project
    •    Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Project
    •    Latest Updates on Major Projects like LAPSSET and East African Rail Corridor
    •    Central Corridor Tanzania
  • DEDICATED COUNTRY SESSIONS plus insightful presentations by industry experts
    •    Ensuring Successful Implementation of Planned Projects: Effective Checks & Balances
    •    Regulatory and Institutional Reform to Enhance Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Development
    •    Strategies to Attract Private Investors to East & Central Africa Transportation Projects
    •    Procurement Issues Such as Local Content Benefits vs External Knowledge and Skills
    •    Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure
    •    Managing Stakeholder Expectations of Large-Scale Projects
    •    Attracting Sustainable Investments and Financing: Investor Risks vs What is Acceptable Profit
    •    Analysing the Presence of Asian Investments and Contractors
    •    Future Proofing Infrastructure Projects through Sustainable Models
    •    Role of PPPs and Getting It Right
    •    Urban Transport Issues: Reducing Congestion, Increasing Convenience plus Non-Motorised Transport Issues
    •    The Intermodal Value Chain Opportunities to Drive Economic Development in Africa
    •    Technological Breakthroughs in African Traffic and Corridor Management
    •    Commuter Rail and Traffic Congestion Management in Urban Centres
    •    Cost Reduction Strategies in Roads and Rail Maintenance
    •    Bitumen Supply and Demand for African Road Projects
    •    Bitumen Emulsion in Road Construction and Maintenance
    •    Challenges and Opportunities for Bitumen Traders/Importers Doing Business in Africa
    •    Impact of Low Crude Prices on Bitumen Product Costing
  • Plus ROBUST PANEL DEBATES from both government and private sectors on critical issues of regulation, sustainability and financing to deep-dive and consolidate key learning points


  • Hon Prof Makame Mnyaa Mbarawa, Minister, Ministry of Works, Transport & Communications, Tanzania
  • Ndabaniwe Therence Ruhimbi, Conseiller au Cabinet du Ministre, Ministère des Transports, des Travaux Publics et de l'Equipemen, Burundi
  • Apollo Kashanku, Senior Transport Economist, Ministry of Works & Transport, Uganda
  • Eng Michael Kisaka, Director of Railway Regulation, Surface & Marine Transport Regulatory Authority Tanzania (SUMATRA)
  • Eng Bruno T Ching’andu, Managing Director, Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA)
  • Eng Jason Rwiza, Director of Planning, Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Eng Ronald Lwakatare, Chief Executive Officer, Dar Rapid Transit Agency (DART)
  • Eng Solomon Ouna, Standard Gauge AdvisorKenya Railways
  • Dr Birhanu Beshah, Deputy CEO, Ethiopia Railways Corporation
  • Dr Didas Massaburi, Chief Advisor for PPP & Transport Systems, Institute of Procurement & Supply, Tanzania
  • Josphat O Sasia, Lead Transport Specialist, The World Bank
  • Eng Yonas Mchomvu, Senior Transport Specialist, The World Bank
  • Patrick Tamba Musa, Senior Transport Engineer, African Development Bank
  • Andrie Swart, General Manager of Africa Operations, 4Tel Pty Ltd
  • Njau Mukuha, Partner, Bowmans
  • Derrick Lichti, Vice President East Africa, CPCS
  • and more...
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