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Supporting Organizations

Russian Electronic Money Association (REMA)
The Russian Electronic Money Association (REMA) was established to develop the market of electronic payments systems in the Russian Federation. The Association's aims are: to assist development of the market for E-Money and payment systems; to assist in the elaboration of the legislative regulation of the E-Money market; to bring main players of the market together; to enhance the reliability and transparency of the activities of the E-Money market actors; to raise public awareness about E-Money; to provide expert opinion, monitor and conduct other types of research in the sphere of the E-Money market and related spheres; and to organize the discussion of the E-money issues.

Media Partners

The Nilson Report
The Nilson Report is the most relevant and respected source of news and analysis of the global card and mobile payment industries. The by-subscription-only newsletter provides issuer, acquirer, and vendor statistics not found in any other trade journal, as well as concise vendor, personnel, and product updates. The Nilson Report does not accept paid advertising of any kind. There are no advertisements, no articles written by vendors, no sponsored content — ever. Paid subscribers in 88 countries value The Nilson Report to track industry trends and provide market information.
Central Asian Cellular Forum
Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) was formed with the primary objective to support the development of Mobile Broadband Technologies in the region. While the activities of the forum started about a decade back to provide support to the mobile community in Pakistan, it was renamed in the later part of 2007 and was also registered officially with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan as “3G Technologies (Guarantee) limited” and the footprint expanded to other countries including Afghanistan and CIS for facilitation of mobile broadband stakeholders. This category of registration is for the Not‐for‐Profit organization while continuing to work as a corporate body in line with that of private companies. The forum is an active member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) and has close association with international reputable organizations including Qualcomm Inc. USA, WWA University USA, Informa, ITU, GSMA etc.
ITPulse is a wholly information technology communication (ICT) news website, with special focus on the African continent. Its website provides up-to-date biz-tech news, analysis and a comprehensive and thorough insight into the continent’s ICT terrain. ITPulse's mission is to showcase African ICT businesses and milestones to the rest of the world, with a view to attracting investments and businesses to local industry players. With experienced ICT journalists, ITPulse uses its direct and analytical view of technology to make life more exciting, with a view to helping CEOs, CIOs, IT Managers, Vendors, Government and other ICT professionals take decisive action to improve their businesses.
Smart Insights
Smart Insights is the best information source on the Secure Transactions industry. Smart Insights Weekly is a newsletter covering the smart card industry, its businesses, its technologies, its markets as well as its technology suppliers. Smart Insights covers all the major trends in the industry, it encompasses worldwide business, standardization bodies. Smart Insights Reports are research reports providing key facts and figures as well as strategic insights about a technology, an area or a major issue in the secure transaction industry. Smart Insights Reports bring business modeling, forecasting and competitive analysis. Smart Insights: facts . intelligence . now . More information at
FinTech News Singapore
Fintechnews Singapore covers stories about the Fintech Ecosystem and Startups in Singapore and Southeast Asia. also provides a bi-weekly newsletter with the most important information about the Fintech industry in Southeast Asia. Christian König is a Swiss and Singaporean Fintech and Financial Products specialist with more than 15 years experience in this field. He founded in July 2015 and is also running several other award winning Fintech and Finance Blog projects.
TelcoProfessionals (TP) is an interactive, content rich, blog- and video-centric online community, and business exchange, developed exclusively for the Telecom and Media industry. TP is dedicated to individuals working in the industry globally, as a place they can find and help each other get ahead. TelcoProfessionals includes a full Telecom & Media events listing, blogs from Thought Leaders, videos of the people shaping the industry’s future. TP allows you to network directly with over 110,000 like-minded unique viewers from 206 countries. To enhance your professional profile and network for future business opportunities, or to visit our jobs portal, join us online today.

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