• DIRECT INSIGHTS AND CASE STUDIES from the latest transport infrastructure projects in the region such as:
    •    Standard Gauge Project
    •    BRT
    •    Trans border Corridors
  • DEDICATED COUNTRY SESSIONS plus insightful presentations by industry experts
    •    Ensuring Successful Implementation of Planned Projects: Effective Checks & Balances
    •    Regulatory and Institutional Reform to Enhance Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Development
    •    Strategies to Attract Private Investors to East & Central Africa Transportation Projects
    •    Procurement Issues Such as Local Content Benefits vs External Knowledge and Skills
    •    Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure
    •    Managing Stakeholder Expectations of Large-Scale Projects
    •    Attracting Sustainable Investments and Financing: Investor Risks vs What is Acceptable Profit
    •    Future Proofing Infrastructure Projects through Sustainable Models
    •    Role of PPPs and Getting It Right
    •    Urban Transport Issues: Reducing Congestion, Increasing Convenience plus Non-Motorised Transport Issues
    •    The Intermodal Value Chain Opportunities to Drive Economic Development in Africa
    •    Technological Breakthroughs in African Traffic and Corridor Management
    •    Commuter Rail and Traffic Congestion Management in Urban Centres
    •    The Urban cable car – a new element of transport infrastructure
  • Plus ROBUST PANEL DEBATES from both government and private sectors on critical issues of regulation, sustainability and financing to deep-dive and consolidate key learning points


  • Hon Hon Elias John Kwandikwa (MP), Deputy Minister(Works), Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, United Republic of Tanzania
  • Hon Prof Makame Mnyaa Mbarawa, ex Minister, Ministry of Works, Transport & Communications, Tanzania
  • Masanja Kungu Kadogosa, Director, Tanzania Railways Corporation
  • Eng James N’gaga, Chief Executive Officer, Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NAMATA), Kenya
  • Apollo Kashanku, Senior Transport Economist, Ministry of Works & Transport, Uganda
  • Eng Michael Kisaka, Director of Railway Regulation, Surface & Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA), Tanzania
  • Eng Bruno T Ching’andu, Managing Director, Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA)
  • Eng Ronald Lwakatare, Chief Executive Officer, Dar Rapid Transit Agency (DART)
  • Eric Peiffer, Managing Director, Vecturis, Belgium
  • Abig Getachew, Chief Officer for Research & Development, Ethiopia Railways Corporation
  • Patrick Mfugale, Chief Executive Officer, Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Eng Yonas Mchomvu, Senior Transport Specialist, The World Bank
  • Erik Kok, Chief Executive Officer/Director, African Ports & Corridors Holdings (APCH)
  • Mari Pennanen, Director of Business Development, DSM Corridor Group
  • Erdem Arıoğlu, Vice Chairman, Yapi Merkezi
  • Abdullah Kılıç, East Africa Regional Manager, Yapi Merkezi
  • Rosemary Tibiwa, Acting Commissioner Transport Services and Infrastructure, Ministry of Works & Transport, Uganda
  • Engr Hinrich Brümmer, Global Market Director for Transport & Mobility, H.P. Gauff Ingenieure
  • Charles Kateeba, Managing Director, Uganda Railways Corporation
  • Abiy Getachew, Acting Deputy CEO, Railway Academy, Ethiopia Railway Corporation
  • Toshio Nagase, Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) - Tanzania Office
  • Prof Liévin Chirhalwirwa, PhD, Director for Infrastructure Development & Management, Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority
  • Mohamed Kuganda, Program Expert, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)
  • Amos Gillet, Manager, BRT Project, Usafiri Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (UDART)
  • Engr Nicholas Airo, Director/ITS Expert, Nas International Holdings Ltd, Kenya
  • Alex Ndiku Mbaraga PhD PE MASCE, Infrastructure Transport Specialist, African Development Bank, Cote d’Ivoire
  • Jose Correia Nunes, Head of Cooperation, Delegation of European Union to Tanzania & the EAC
  • Dr Jovin Mwemezi, Corridor Management Expert, East Africa Community (EAC)
  • and more...
  • To find out about speaking opportunities, please email us at


We invite abstracts of 300 words with an empirical that will be of interest and relevant to transport planners and policy makers in Africa. Possible themes may include - but are not limited to - the following:

  • Case studies of sustainable transport developments in Africa and/ or around the world
  • Policy framework and governance practices
  • New technologies and green infrastructure for transport
Email with your presentation topic and abstract.

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