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Myanmar is widely recognized as one of the last true frontier economies that can have significant last mover advantages in implementing and leapfrogging technology cycles.

While the country is in the middle of a positive economic transition, Myanmar's financial sector is the least developed in South East Asia with the absence of traditional banking infrastructure, and given the sheer size of its emerging market, growth potentials continue to look very promising. With a population of more than 50 million, over 90% of its people are still unbanked. FinTech has been identified as an effective vehicle to drive true financial inclusion driven by rapid mobile penetration rate - telcos are expected to cover 90% of the population within the next two to three years compared to 10% in 2013 – with data and online access skyrocketing in recent years, paving the way for more innovation and opportunities.

Source: UNCDF

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Source: MITV

The 3rd Emerging Asia Banking & FinTech Summit 2018 is set to deliver first-hand insights and robust opinions from industry experts to help you better strategize your blueprints. Network with key industry players and seize the opportunity to benefit from the only authoritative platform that showcases and dissects real issues, providing you with a practical assessment of emerging opportunities from the region's financial transformation.

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The only Banking & FinTech-focused event in Myanmar on Emerging Asia bringing together central bankers, financial institutions, MFIs, fintech and industry stakeholders
Probe the exciting opportunities present in Emerging Asia’s market & private sector participation
From policy makers, operators and investors the plans, targets and critical success factors
Dedicated country presentations, expert insights and robust panel debates deep-diving into critical issues
Address the complexities involved with FinTech investments and how you can manage the risks & optimise ROI
The business case for FinTech implementation and the latest technological applications relevant to your business
Meet with key stakeholders and decision makers involved in the revolution of emerging Asia’s banking & Fintech transformation efforts
Best Practices
Strategies and technical know-how from successful projects in the region
Who Should Attend the Summit:
  • CEOs & Managing Directors / Presidents & Vice Presidents / COOs
  • Product Marketing Managers & Chief Product Officers
  • Heads of Financial Service Strategy & Business Transformation
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Operations & Technology Officers
  • Heads of Technology Strategy & Partnerships
  • Heads of Payment Innovations
  • Heads of Innovation & Applications Delivery
  • Heads of Organisational Development
  • Chief Strategy Officers
  • VPs of Marketing & Chief Marketing Officers
  • Heads of Business Development
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Directors of Digital Banking
  • Solutions Specialists
  • VPs of Credit Risk Management
  • Heads of FinTech Strategy
  • Heads of Commercial & Corporate Lending
  • Heads of Payments
  • Analysts
  • Heads of Omni Channel Banking
  • Heads of Digital Labs
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