OneConnect is a leading fintech SaaS provider of advanced technology-enabled business solutions to small and medium-sized financial institutions. Its solutions are based on world-class technologies including AI, blockchain, cloud platform, and biometrics identification. Currently, OneConnect has 101 products in four business disciplines including Digital Banking Solutions, Digital Insurance Solutions, Digital Investment Solutions, and SaaS Cloud Platform, covering sales, product development, risk management, operations and technology. These solutions have a coverage of all major financial industries as well as front, middle and back office functions. Some of OneConnect's major achievements include an accuracy of 99.8% in facial recognition and 99%+ in VPR. They are world-class in voiceprint, microexpression and NLP recognition. OneConnect is also one of the earliest companies to develop and apply blockchain technology in China, exploring 12 application scenarios for finance, medical healthcare, customs, trade, real estate and automotive sectors.

Audit360 is India’s first Mobility-Based Audit Management Solution and Asia's first Audit Management Solution specially-made for NBFCs and Microfinance Companies. The platform enables real-time reports, and has the unique "Digital Evidence" in the form of Image, Video and Audio and Geo-tagging which all function even in off-line mode. Audit360 comes with a responsive dashboard which provides real-time insights for Audit reports and allows on-screen analytics. It covers the entire audit cycle from managing checkpoints, scheduling, tracking issues, reporting, and annexures. This results in fast reporting, time-saving, and 100% objective scoring. Suitable for any type of audit, the Audit360 application is a Pioneering and Futuristic Solution that helps organisations to Re-imagine Audits!

Mascon International Business Services (MIBS)
A premier Business Support Services company based in Myanmar, Mascon International Business Services Company Limited (MIBS) is a trusted partner for numerous enterprises across Southeast Asia. With a legacy of 37+ years, MIBS is focused on business transformation through optimized Business Support Services and Technology Innovations that help improve customer confidence and business efficiency. With ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications, MIBS has been a catalyst in providing transformative solutions to the Banking and Insurance sector through various services including Contact Center, Back-Office, IT Infrastructure Management, Cash Logistics and Fulfillment Services, Bulk SMS and IT Software/ Application Development and Integration.

Why Sponsor or Exhibit?

The 4th Emerging Asia Banking & Fintech Summit 2019 presents a unique opportunity for your organisation to be showcased as an important player in the region's banking and financial technology ecosystem. Showcase your expertise and products through our customised exhibition and sponsorship packages which will reinforce your corporate branding and thought leadership position in the industry amongst regulators, corporate bankers and financial institutions, investors and stakeholders who are investing in the financial and digital infrastructure in their respective countries

Sponsorship is a strategic and cost-effective way of reaching out to these key decision makers, allowing you to forge relationship and raise your company profile in this region.

  • Save your time and travel budget by meeting the region's stakeholders & policy makers face-to-face at one convenient time, in one convenient place.
  • Increase the visibility of your brand at the region's only summit focused on fintech and e commerce developments and give yourself the best chance of securing business where the partnerships and deals are forged.
  • Meet with banking, finance, marketing and retail executives executives to understand the upcoming targets, project developments and market demands.
  • Launch and demonstrate your new technology, products and services to a captive audience.
  • Arrange private business meetings at your exhibition stand throughout the event.
  • Gain valuable feedback and collect market research to strategise your growth in the region.
  • Build prospect database and generate sales leads.
  • Benefit from the extensive event advertising and PR campaign.

Our team will be happy to discuss unique and customized package to suit your business objectives.
Who should Sponsor or Exhibit?
  • Digital Banking Platforms
  • Cloud Based Platforms & Services
  • Smart Data Products
  • Account Aggregation & Payment Infrastructures
  • Identity Management Solutions
  • Mobile Identity Authentication
  • Core Banking Systems
  • Mobile Security Systems
  • NFC Services & Solutions
  • Fraud Management & Solutions
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Big Data Technology
  • Mobile Payments & Remittances
  • Management Consultants
  • Network Infrastructure Providers
  • E-Commerce Software & CRM
  • Payments Gateway
  • Secured Embedded Software
Reinforce your Company's Activities and Commitment to the Industry with our Tailor-Made Packages:
  • Lead & Associate Sponsorships
  • Cocktail Networking Sponsorship
  • Exhibition Booth
  • Networking Coffee Break and Luncheon Sponsorship
  • Badge & Lanyard Sponsorship
If you are interested in partnering with Magenta Global on sponsoring opportunities, drop us an email at marketing2@magenta-global.com.sg.

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