Urban Agri Summit 2017 will probe these important topics

  • How Can Governments Best Work with Industry Stakeholders to formulate effective and sustainable policies?
  • “Africa needs its own version of the vertical farm to feed growing cities” – what is the best model for Africa?
  • What is the Commercial Future for Vertical Farming in Africa?
  • Understanding Technology used in producing greenhouse and vertically farmed produce.
  • What are the latest research available on controlled environment crops
  • Renewable Energy – Challenges of LED based farming in Africa
  • Supplemental lighting applications in greenhouse
  • What Should Those Planning To Start a Farm Consider? Lessons from the World’s Biggest Vertical Farm
  • What is the Next Barrier that Lighting for Indoor Systems will break?
  • How Can We Use Breakthrough indoor farming technology in Commercial Greenhouses?
  • What Hybrid Technology will bring for Vertical Farms in Africa?
  • Financing Models to consider for the African landscape?
  • Different stages , Different Investment Strategies: Laying the Groundwork
  • Barriers to vertical farming in Africa and how to overcome them? (Power Issues? cost?)
  • CASE Study: The California Drought, Indoor farming Lessons
  • CASE Study: The Singapore Story a whole different set of constraints
  • The effects of climate change on conventional farming (USA, Morocco, Africa, Middle East) and the Vertical Farming Solution arising from them.
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence and big data mining in the next generation of vertical farms
  • Managing Your CEA Business
Urban Agri Summit 2017 is your platform to learn and share ideas on how to revolutionize agriculture and bring the industry into the technology-enabled future



    Global vertical farming market by hardware type $m (2013-2023)

    Source: P & S Market Research

    The Summit will feature a gathering of government officials, agri project developers, investors & growers sharing their insights and experience in vertical farming, greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to showcase your thought leadership and solutions to leading players in the region. Email marketing2@magenta-global.com.sg for showcase & speaking opportunities.

Call for Papers

    Do you have an interesting and enthusiastic presentation that you would like to share at this Summit? Please take into account the following issues for your presentation:
  • The content should make a bridge between technology/research and deployment including the potential business case
  • The maturity of the concept
  • Which problem(s) do you solve?
  • Technological advancements with respect to the rest of the current market
  • Cooperation (technological wise, business wise, deployment wise)
  • Market/application potential.
Email marketing2@magenta-global.com.sg with your presentation topic and abstract.

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