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Magenta Global invites accredited media working for relevant news outlets including magazines, newspapers, television, cable and radio to partner with us to cover the Urban Agri World Summit 2019. We also welcome writers, editors and bloggers for reputable websites.

To be eligible for media partnership with the Urban Agri World Summit 2019, blogs and websites must contain original, industry-related news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions. Sites must be updated weekly. All websites and blogs must be currently operating (for at least six months) and receive at least 20,000 unique site visitors per month.

For organization-event affiliation and media partnerships, email

Supporting Organizations

Association for Vertical Farming (AVF)
The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is an internationally active non-profit organization of individuals, companies, research institutions and universities focusing on advancing Vertical Farming technologies, designs and businesses. Its vision is to lead the Vertical Farming movement to facilitate healthy food, green jobs, environmental protection and climate change resilience globally - fostering the sustainable growth and development of the Vertical Farming movement through education and collaboration.
Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)
The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is the apex continental organization responsible for coordinating and advocating for agricultural research for development (AR4D). FARA serves as the technical arm of the Africa Union Commission on matters concerning agriculture science, technology and innovation. FARA serves as the entry point for agricultural research initiatives designed to have a continental reach or a sub-continental reach spanning more than one sub-region. FARA also plays a key role in galvanizing the agricultural research for development sector, and brings a strong African voice to global forums such as the G-8 and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR).
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)
REEEP invests in clean energy markets in developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions and build prosperity. Leveraging a strategic portfolio of high impact projects, REEEP creates, adapts and shares knowledge to build sustainable markets for renewable energy and energy efficient solutions; advance energy access, improve lives and economic opportunities; and reduce climate and environmental damage.

Destination Partners

Media Partner
AgroPages is the industry's leading online media platform devoted exclusively to the global agricultural business, providing rich industry information, deep market analyses, powerful company and product searches, professional database and market reports, as well as personalized online marketing solutions for brand establishment.
Agriportal / Farmingportal
Agriportal / Farmingportal (Agri Africa) is well-connected to the farming industry and community of South Africa. The portal has several investment opportunities for foreign investment, dealing directly with the farming community with no organization involved. Agriportal / Farmingportal has the skills and the infrastructure to contact farmers directly in South Africa and the rest of the Africa. Agri News Net is an agriculture application that serves as an extension of the Agri Africa website to satisfy the most current information needs of the entire food chain.
iGrow News
iGrow News is a leading source for urban farming news produced by the American Association of Urban Farmers (AAUF). The iGrow News portal covers industry relevant topics including: Indoor Vertical, Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Aquaponic, Geothermal, Solar, Greenhouse, Rooftop, Container, In-Home Systems, Education, Innovation, and Sustainability.
African Business Central
African Business Central (“ABC”) is a leading online media company showcasing curated and original news on African Business, primarily, and all things Africa, in general. ABC's rapidly-growing site attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month that read and watch news, analyses, and opinions of business, economic, political, and cultural events in and about Africa. ABC is making its mark around the world telling Africa's success stories and highlighting the continent's swift socio-economic ascent to a rapidly-growing global audience. ABC’s core values are based on the notion that business, in general, and entrepreneurship, in particular, is the surest path to Africa’s socio-economic progress.
Green Economy Journal
The Green Economy Journal is South Africa’s only business publication reporting entirely on trends, analysis and insights in the green economy. Among the fastest growing segments of the economy, the green economy offers investment, economic growth, and job creation, while simultaneously shifting South Africa onto a more sustainable development trajectory. Economic, environmental, and social sustainability are the unique focus areas of this business journal, supporting labour intensive, low carbon growth, while promoting the principles of efficiency and corporate responsibility and associated business performance. The Green Economy Journal provides and promotes environmental leadership among business decision makers and policy makers in South Africa, explaining the issues and telling the stories of successful innovation and problem solving. Articles penned by thought leaders and reporters providing readers with news, facts, profiles, theories, and best practice, designed to provoke discussion, challenge conventional wisdom and stimulate action.
Harvest SA
Harvest SA’s readers are forward-thinking, solution-driven, profit-orientated and politically-diverse. The magazine's wide readership is a direct result of its broad range of topics and expert contributors. Harvest SA showcases the latest in agricultural research from bodies such as the Agricultural Research Council. Harvest SA is a multi- award winning agricultural magazine that strives to inform, and create a platform for all role-players in agriculture – farmers, the South African government and the corporate sector – to work together in providing solutions for food security.
AgroNigeria is the mouthpiece of agriculture in Nigeria, focusing on reporting agricultural activities in the country for Nigerians and the world at large. AgroNigeria has carved its own niche and has given the Agricultural sector in Nigeria a facelift since inception. The portal reports happenings in the agricultural sector to Nigerians and stakeholders across the globe. AgroNigeria strives to be the authentic platform for articulating and projecting issues in the agricultural and allied sectors in the country. It provides a crucible for ideas, interventions and contributions aimed at stimulating and sustaining a revolution in the Nigeria’s agricultural sector. AgroNigeria’s audience includes agriculture policy makers, practitioners in the agriculture and agro-allied sectors, research institutes and educational institutions, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and agencies, diplomatic missions, development partner organisations, and the investing public.
AGRIPRENEUR SA, as affiliated to AGRI-GLOBAL FOCUS, serves as a multi-service platform to engage young farmers and entrepreneurs are part of the fast-growing food and agribusiness sectors in South Africa. The platform's aim is to inform, connect and transform in a meaningful way which promotes economic growth and job creation. Established in 2015, the AGRIPRENEUR brand has been warmly embraced and is growing from strength to strength as it takes young people beyond primary production in agriculture. AGRIPRENEUR SA's strategic objectives entail: Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Provision of Innovative Agribusiness Solutions, Increasing Market Access for Black Farmers, Exposing Agripreneurs to Value-Chains, and Promoting SMME Food Development & Opportunities. is an interactive website, online media company, vibrant social network, and comprehensive online resource Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture promoting People, Projects & Design. It is a collaborative platform and catalyst for our growing industry, and Earth’s connection to emerging trends of living architecture and nature-based infrastructure practices. Starting from the greenroof down through greenwalls, into the building and over sustainable landscapes, covers the earth-friendly technologies of living green infrastructure, low-impact development, and related sustainable energies through projects, news, events, video, networking, marketing, and exclusive features on the website – greening our building envelopes inside and out.
Agritecture Consulting
Founded in 2014, Agritecture Consulting provides advisory services in the design, planning, implementation and operation of urban agriculture projects. The company offers its clients the tools, data, ideas, network, and expertise needed to ensure their success. The firm consults globally and is based in New York City. Agritecture Consulting’s expertise is in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), a rapidly-developing industry predicted to be valued at $9 billion by 2020. The company's project experience includes hydroponic greenhouses, vertical farms, and sustainability learning labs. The firm also consults with cities and developers to encourage sustainable local food systems.

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