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Magenta Global invites accredited media working for relevant news outlets including magazines, newspapers, television, cable and radio to partner with us to cover the Urban Agri Summit 2018. We also welcome writers, editors and bloggers for reputable websites.

To be eligible for media partnership with the Urban Agri Summit 2018, blogs and websites must contain original, industry-related news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions. Sites must be updated weekly. All websites and blogs must be currently operating (for at least six months) and receive at least 20,000 unique site visitors per month.

For organization-event affiliation and media partnerships, email

Supporting Organizations

Association for Vertical Farming (AVF)
The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is an internationally active non-profit organization of individuals, companies, research institutions and universities focusing on advancing Vertical Farming technologies, designs and businesses. Its vision is to lead the Vertical Farming movement to facilitate healthy food, green jobs, environmental protection and climate change resilience globally - fostering the sustainable growth and development of the Vertical Farming movement through education and collaboration.

Destination Partners

South African Tourism
South African Tourism is the tourism marketing arm of the South African government. Simply put, our job is to promote the country domestically and internationally, whether for leisure, business or events tourism. We are committed to meaningfully contributing to the government's objectives of inclusive economic growth, sustainable job creation, and redistribution and transformation of the industry through: increasing the number of tourists who visit our country; increasing the geographic spread, length of stay and spend of all visitors; improving seasonal arrival patterns; and working to transform the industry so that historically disadvantaged South Africans may benefit from the sector. The organisation has grown from a few offices around the world to having operations in 13 international markets, with a mandate to market and share all that is unique, warm, and beautiful about South Africa
Johannesburg Convention Bureau
The Johannesburg Convention Bureau is responsible for promoting Joburg as a premier business events destination, providing innovative options and ensuring that patrons leave with memorable experiences. If you’re planning a meeting, corporate event, exhibition or incentive trip - be sure to talk to us first about Johannesburg: Where The World Meets. The city boasts an abundance of stylish state-of-the-art venues and superior accommodation. Facilities equitable to the best in the world, enabling Johannesburg to comfortably host a large variety of events from small professional meetings to major global events. Over 55 major international airlines link the city to major centres worldwide, making Johannesburg one of the easiest cities to access in the country and on the continent. The nerve centre of the South African economy, Johannesburg is a modern financial and industrial hub, supported by world class infrastructure. This powerhouse is home to 74% of corporate headquarters and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, which currently ranks amongst the 15 largest stock exchanges in the world. A vibrant African city known for good weather, world heritage sites, entertainment, wildlife and unspoilt natural surroundings.

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