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Magenta Global invites accredited media working for relevant news outlets including magazines, newspapers, television, cable and radio to partner with us to cover the Urban Agri Summit 2017. We also welcome writers, editors and bloggers for reputable websites.

To be eligible for media partnership with the Urban Agri Summit 2017, blogs and websites must contain original, industry-related news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions. Sites must be updated weekly. All websites and blogs must be currently operating (for at least six months) and receive at least 20,000 unique site visitors per month.

For organization-event affiliation and media partnerships, email

Supporting Organizations

Association for Vertical Farming (AVF)
The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is an internationally active non-profit organization of individuals, companies, research institutions and universities focusing on advancing Vertical Farming technologies, designs and businesses. Its vision is to lead the Vertical Farming movement to facilitate healthy food, green jobs, environmental protection and climate change resilience globally - fostering the sustainable growth and development of the Vertical Farming movement through education and collaboration.
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)
REEEP invests in clean energy markets in developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions and build prosperity. Leveraging a strategic portfolio of high impact projects, REEEP creates, adapts and shares knowledge to build sustainable markets for renewable energy and energy efficient solutions; advance energy access, improve lives and economic opportunities; and reduce climate and environmental damage.

Media Partners

Agri News Net
Welcome to FARMINGPORTAL, your Gateway to Africa and the World of Agriculture. Our news is from all sectors and published in one domain - the good news for our farmers and their families. We take stories from various media and publish it inside Agri Portal, and we give credit to each and every story that we use. Agri News Net and are well-connected to farming industry and community of South Africa. We have several investment opportunities for foreign investment, and we deal directly with the farming community and no organization is involved. We have the skills and the infrastructure to contact our farmers directly in South Africa and the rest of the Africa.
AgroNigeria is the mouthpiece of agriculture in Nigeria, focusing on reporting agricultural activities in the country for Nigerians and the world at large. AgroNigeria has carved its own niche and has given the Agricultural sector in Nigeria a facelift since inception. The portal reports happenings in the agricultural sector to Nigerians and stakeholders across the globe. AgroNigeria strives to be the authentic platform for articulating and projecting issues in the agricultural and allied sectors in the country. It provides a crucible for ideas, interventions and contributions aimed at stimulating and sustaining a revolution in the Nigeria’s agricultural sector. AgroNigeria’s audience includes agriculture policy makers, practitioners in the agriculture and agro-allied sectors, research institutes and educational institutions, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and agencies, diplomatic missions, development partner organisations, and the investing public.
Urban Ag News
Urban Ag News is a connector for the industry, bringing together growers with growers, growers with manufacturers, growers with suppliers and growers with consumers. Urban Ag News is an educator providing content through a variety of different media. Through its educational efforts, Urban Ag News provides its users with a basic understanding of the industry and to keeps them informed of the latest technologies.

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